Keep an overview of your vital data such as blood glucose or blood pressure

Basic Idea

Welness bei HMM
Welness bei HMM

hLine-Online.com by HMM is a novel telemonitoring concept, which will improve the situation of patients, doctors and other services sustainably. With a number of smartLAB measurement devices for different areas of interest, wireless data transfer technologies like the hFon collect home, PC or your Smartphone vital data can be measured and transferred to the hLine-Onlice.com portal.

Easy to integrate

This kind of telemonitoring concept can easily be integrated into your daily life. After all pre-settings have been done, all processes will work in the background and measured data will automatically be transmitted. You just need to measure your values as usual.

No change in habits
Schnell & Einfach

With the help of hLine-Online.com chronically ill persons can measure their vital data without changing their habits. The data will be collected in the background and transferred automatically and wirelessly to the corresponding portal hLine-Online.com.

Monitoring various chronic diseases

With hLine-Online.com and the appropriate hLine package, you can control various chronical illnesses. Our hLine packages are designed to monitor a variety of chronic conditions. You can choose from combinations for diabetes, hypertension or heart failure. You also have the choice to decide on the data transmission. Would you prefer using your own Smartphone with the hLine App or are you planning on assisting a relative and require a data transmitter without the need of a smartphone or internet connection in the house. The hLine packages offer what you need.

How it works

Open & Run
Open & Run

With the hLine-Online.com system there is no need to modify the devices. The Mentee or Mentor just need to enter the device information into the portal. After that the device just needs to be unpacked and turned on. All other settings, like date and time, will be adjusted automatically by the hLine-Online.com portal.

Quick and Easy

The registration of the smartLAB devices on the portal is very easy. You can enter the devices during or after your registration. You will only need the serial or IMEI number, which is entered onto the portal. If you come in reach of a gateway, your measured data will be transferred automatically into the portal, where your data is displayed.


There are different possibilities to register on the portal. Our offer for you: You can try out the portal and its functions the first month of use for free. Depending on your choice of pricing you need to pay a short fee. You will find more information on the pricing below.


Our Range

Our range includes blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, scales and step counter. All devices of the smartLAB Productfamily with integrated wireless data tranmission can be used for the portal.

Unser Sortiment

smartLAB family

smartLAB genie+ Blood Glucose Meter
smartLAB genie+>

The smartLAB genie+ is best suitable for those who give importance to a comprehensive diabetes management. Equipped with a large measured values storage, a clearly legible, illuminated LCD display and ANT module, the smartLAB genie+ facilitates the diabetes management in your everyday life. The values can be transferred directly after each measurement via ANT and through PC, hFon collect home, the hLine App for smart phones and tablets (only suitable for Samsung and Sony devices with Android 4.3 or higher, as ANT is only supported by these) to the hLine-Online.com portal and then they can be evaluated there.

smartLAB global W nG Blood Glucose Meter
smartLAB global W nG

The smartLAB global W nG offers a comprehensive diabetes management with a meter in credit card format. This device complies with the newest standards in the market. Thanks to the integrated module with ANT and Bluetooth® Smart the values can be transferred after each measurement to almost all mobile phones or a laptop / PC and then can be evaluated there. With the hLine App, available for iOS and Android, data can be collected my your smartphone and transferred directly to the portal.

smartLAB pressure W Blood Pressure Meter
smartLAB pressure W

The smartLAB pressure W is an upper-arm blood pressure monitor with many useful additional features. It has the latest technology by measuring during inflation for higher comfort. Its large display makes it possible to read the values easily. On a color scale beside the display you can instantly see if the blood pressure is in a normal range (WHO evaluation system). The smartLAB pressure W has a Bluetooth communication interface. The data can be transferred wirelessly to a compatible receiving device. More...

smartLAB fit W Body Scale Analyser
smartLAB fit W

The smartLAB fit W is a multifunctional scale with an attractive design, with which one can view much more than just his weight. The scale has 8 user profiles and automatic user detection. Besides the display of the body weight, the smartLAB fit W displays also body fat and water content as well as muscle and bone mass. With the integrated Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology data can be transferred wirelessly to the portal through a PC, the hFon collect or Smartphone via the hLine App available for Android and iOS.

smartLAB scale W Bathroom scale
smartLAB scale W

smartLAB scale W is a bathroom scale in a unique design for Body weight. The scale can weigh up to 150 kg with a divison of 0,1 kg. The high precision G-Sensors and the Sense-on technology makes this scale one of the accurate scales of it´s kind. The smartLAB scale W has an integrated module with ANT and Bluetooth Smart for wireless data transfer and can be integrated into hLine-Online.com.

smartLAB Walk P+ / Walk B Pedometer
smartLAB walk

The smartLAB walkP+ and smartLAB walk B are flat and modern step counter with a large and good readable display. In addition to the step count, distance and calorie consumption will be calculated and displayed. The integrated ANT or Bluetooth Smart Chip enables a data transfer through a gateway, like a smartphone, to the hLine-Online.com portal.

smartLAB move+ / move B Pedometer
smartLAB move

The smartLAB move +/ move B is a small round pedometer with a diameter of only 27 mm and 10 mm thickness. The integrated ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart Chip enable a wireless data transmission of your measured data to the hLine-Onine.com portal via PC, hFon collect home or hLine App for smartphone and tablets. The smartLAB move is available in 6 different colours.


Use your own infrastructure

A benefit of the hLine System is, that you can choose the infrastructure which fits most into your daily routine:

hLine App for smart phones and tabelts
hLine App

The hLine App is available for Android and iOS and enables an automatic data transmission of measured data, which can be locally saved on your smartphone. Additionally the values can be transferred to your hLine-Online profile through the App. Important Information: ANT data transmission is mainly supported by Samsung and Sony mobile devices with Android 4.3 or higher. Other Android device support ANT transmission in combination with the hLine ANT USB Adapter, which can be connected to your smartphone with an OTG cable. It is important for iOS users to choose smartLAB devices with Bluetooth Smart, because ANT is not supported by iPhone or iPad.

hFon Plus Android Smart Phone
hFon Plus

The hFon plus is an Android 4 Touch Screen Smartphone, which contains besides the standard smartphone functions one benefit: an integrated Blood Glucose Monitor. You just need to take one device with you and measure your blood glucose where ever you are. The hFon®plus has an integrated ANT-2 Chip which enables you to use it as a mobile gateway and transfer your data into the hLine-Online.com portal. Additionally you can download the hLine® app for an easy use to go.

hFon collect home
hFon collect home

The hFon collect home is the ideal solution for people with no internet connection or smartphone. It is perfectly integratable in the homes of elderly, hospitals or other service centers. The integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technologies allow a collection of measured data by the smartLAB devices. After receiving the data, these will be automatically and wirelessly transferred to the hLine-Online.com portal through GSM (GPRS). This comfortable solution measured vital data can be transmitted to the portal withouth the necessity of a computer or smartphone with internet connection. The hFon collect home is a discrete and easy to use data collection solution, which can be used as stationary element at home.

hLine ANT USB Adapter
hLine ANT Adapter

The hLine ANT USB Adapter allows you to transfer your data directly through your computer into the hLine-Online.com portal. At first you need to install the downloaded software, afterwards you just need to insert the hLine® USB Adapter into your computer. Now you can transfer your data easily to the portal. The transfer will always take place when you are in reach of the dongle with one of your smartLAB® devices.


The Mentor
The Mentor

One benefit of the hLine-Online.com portals is the Mentor function. This function can be taken over by family members or doctors. The Mentor is an adviser who accompanies the user, the so-called Mentee, to reach a better wellness for the Mentee. In the role of a Mentor a doctor or family member will receive an overview of the vital data of the patient/relative. Among other things he can set medication alerts, measurement times and enter the devices into the portal. One Mentor can take care of more than one Mentee. A Mentee can contact his Mentor in different ways directly over the portal: through messages, chat or even videochat! With the hLine-Online.com portal a distance support is uncomplicated.

Assistance of your family members
Betreunung Ihrer Familienangehörigen

Family members of chronically ill persons usually worry about them, but do not have the time to stay with them 24 hours. With the Mentor function you have the possibility to look after your relative from afar and control his vital data. You can also set alerts which will be sent either via e-mail or SMS. For example: Your grandfather did not measure his blood pressure at 8 o'clock as planed. Then you will receive at 8:30 o'clock latest an alert via e-mail or SMS that no value has been transmitted.

Self management

Everyone can pursue with this system a so-called self-management. You can transfer your values, enter interactive status updates, conditions and medication. In this way you can document everything in the system and easily keep an overview of your well-being.

User-friendly and easy

The usage of our smartLAB devices and data transmitting devices is easy and user-friendly. When everything is set, you just need to measure your vital data and the wireless data transfer will take place automatically.

Alert settings

You can set alerts for medication and measurements. You can choose, if you want to receive the alerts via e-mail or SMS and who should receive the alert, you or your family member. Alerts can be set by a user or a Mentor. Currently, only the E-Mail alert function is working.

Create Reports

You can create reports of your values in form of a PDF. Then you can print it out or send it via e-mail to your doctor or another person.

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